We start with a 1.8km trip to the Globe Theatre ( 1 ), either by taxi or walking. it is open Monday – Sunday with the Exhibition: 9.00am – 5.00pm and the Globe Theatre Tour: 9.30am – 5.00pm.

"How much does a taxi cab cost from 157 Bermondsey Street, London, United Kingdom to New Globe Walk, London, United Kingdom in London, UK?"

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Suggested routes (£6.71) Fastest - Cheapest - Shortest.
A 157 Bermondsey Street, London Borough of Southwark, SE1, UK

1.8 km - about 6 mins
1.         Head north on Bermondsey St/A2205 towards Newham's Row     0.5 km
2.         Turn left onto Crucifix Ln/A200 Continue to follow A200              0.6 km
3.         Turn left onto Borough High St/A3 Leaving toll zone                     41 m
4.         Slight right onto A3200  Entering toll zone                                      49 m
5.         Take the 1st right on to Stoney St                                                     0.1 km
6.         Take the 1st left on to Park St                                                          0.2 km
7.         Take the 3rd left to stay on Park St                                                  0.3 km
8.         Turn right onto New Globe Walk                                                     60 m

B New Globe Walk, London Borough of Southwark, SE1, UK


The Tate Modern ( 2 ) is right next door, east along The Queens Walk. I propose we only spend an hour at Tate Modern and return if we want to seem more, hopefully getting us out by 11:30am.

It is proposed to take the Tate Boat from Tate Modern to Tate Britain ( 3 ). The Tate Boat runs every 40 minutes during gallery opening times. The 12:04 ferry would get us to Tate Britain by 12:20. We can have lunch on the ferry as it has a snack bar.


The Tate Boat passing beneath the Millennium Bridge in front of Tate Modern

It is suggested we get the ferry back to Bankside Pier at the Globe Theatre