A fixed date: Wednesday 7th August, 2013, because of the need to buy tickets in advance. A day of constraints.  The planning resolved about a desire to see the "Changing of the Guard". The Queen's Guard will change at Buckingham Palace at 11:30 hours.  This results in the following time table:

Getting there by London Underground:

Catch the 8:00am train from London Bridge Station to St James Park Station. 

London Bridge http://tubejp.co.uk/images/tube_logo.gifhttp://tubejp.co.uk/images/train_logo.gif (Jubilee Line: Westbound to Stanmore) zone: 1

Southwark http://tubejp.co.uk/images/tube_logo.gif

Waterloo http://tubejp.co.uk/images/tube_logo.gifhttp://tubejp.co.uk/images/train_logo.gif

Westminster http://tubejp.co.uk/images/tube_logo.gif (Change for Circle or District Line: Clockwise) Zone: 1

St. Jame's Park http://tubejp.co.uk/images/tube_logo.gifzone: 1

Time: 17 mins via 4 stations, 1 change, zone 1

Walk to Buckingham Palace via Queen Anne's Gate and the Birdcage Walk.

1st stop is the "Queen's Gallery" with pre booked tickets for a 9:30am entry.  (A "Royal Day Out At Buckingham Palace"  gives us access to the Queens Gallery and well as the "State Rooms" and the RoyalMews")   Visiting the "Queen's Gallery first allows us time to move out to Queen Victoria's Statue to watch the "Changing Of the Guard" at 11:30am which takes 45 minutes. See "Description of the Guards" brochure.

Then across Birdcage Walk for approximately 45 minutes at the  "The Guard's Museum" which will allow us a 1:00pm lunch break.

We then enter "Buckingham Palace" proper for the tour of the State Rooms at 1:30pm till 3:30pm when we move onto the "Royal Mews".

From here we walk up Buckingham Palace Road to inspect "Victoria Station " and catch the subway back to London Bridge.

"They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
‘ A soldier’s life is terrible hard,'
Says Alice."