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At Heathrow


Airport Pick Up Tariffs

Our airport pickup service incurs a surcharge of £7, (which will be included in any quotation given by our staff). This includes waiting and car parking at the airport.
What if my plane is delayed or cancelled?
Because we continuously monitor your flight no additional charges will be incurred if your plane is delayed or cancelled.



London Village Estates  - Arrive at Agent at 09:00am



The address for London Village Estates is 164 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3FG (opposite the Premier Inn Hotel) phone: 020 7407 5666.  Angela, Lee or Anna are our property managers.  Angela can be reached on her mobile if you have any issues after-hours:  07776 324 663.  You are welcome to check in early to the flat if no one is staying there the day before.  We are in the midst of our summer bookings, so I don't have confirmation of this yet.  As we get closer I can let you know and then we will leave a key in the lockbox at the office.  You can then have Blackberry Cars stop at London Village first before dropping you at the flat.  The office is around the corner from our place.

173 Bermondsey St  - Milliners House         Arrive at Agent at 09:00am 

Check in time for the flat is 11am, but if we don't have anyone staying the day before you arrive then you can get in earlier.  Our management firm, which is around the corner from our flat, opens at 9am and you can leave your bags there until 11am.


If we have to wait till 11:00am for entry to the flat I suggest we walk to London Bridge Station and buy out Travel Pass tickets.

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Borough Market         1km walk via Bermondsey and Thomas  Street



Getting to the MarketAR 4Borough Market is more than a place to buy and sell food. It’s a unique corner of London that captures our rich culinary history. A source of quality British and international produce, we have a reputation as the country’s most renowned food market. It’s a place where people to come to discover the tastes, aromas, textures and colours that only fresh, seasonal food can offer.
Start your visit by meeting our traders, find out about what’s happening in the Market, take a look behind the stalls or sample our delicious seasonal recipes. You can plan your trip by using our interactive Market Map to find the produce and traders you want.


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